The avocado fruit, called a lawyer, is a large Bay of varying shape and weight depending on the variety. The lawyer can be spherical, Piriform, oval or very elongated. Its epidermis can be of green, reddish, violet or black color. The main characteristic of the avocado is its high fat content which varies from 5 to 30 of the weight of the fresh pulp. No other fruit apart from the olive can be compared from this point of view. It is also rich in proteins (2-4) and mineral salts (1 to 2), especially potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur. In addition to mashed potatoes, avocado is also popular for the manufacture of oil and other cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. In Cameroon the lawyer market is booming. Mbouda, the capital of the Bamboutos Department is recognized as the production basin par excellence and a processing plant of this speculation is in gestation. Once again, it all starts with the selection of the best varieties.

100-400 plants/hectare;




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