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Seeds and plants - Seed4agriculture

Seed 4 Agriculture

Seed at the heart of the development of agriculture.

Why Seed ?

“The seed is the beginning of the food chain. He who controls the seed, controls the food chain, therefore controls the people. this quote from Guillet Dominique highlights the central place of the seed in the agricultural value chain, in food security and indirectly the preservation of human life. However, Africa represents barely 2% of the global seed market controlled by multinationals. Seed4Agriculture proposes to capitalize local know-how through capacitation, and the professionalization of producers in order to reconcile quality seeds and seedlings in quantity, improvement of nursery living conditions and agricultural development.



Seed Technologist

Whatever we do in life, there is a moment of the day where we have to pause to eat. At this crucial time, food makes sense and more if we consider the fact that food is the first medication. At first glance the quality of the meal at this precise moment depends on our purse. However nobody remembers that if it has enough to appease its hunger it is thanks to the millions of brothers and sisters who invest themselves body and souls in the vegetable production around us. This observation will be at the origin of my commitment in the agricultural field whose exploration will take me to the heart of the activity, the seed. Convinced that the production of quality seeds will allow us to develop our agriculture, I invite all actors in this sector to be more professional in order to take control of our food. Our nurserymen also understand that vegetative propagation offers many opportunities through the reproduction of species with specific characteristics. Today ICT offers us a unique opportunity to value local know-how beyond physical boundaries and to rub shoulders with the best of the world, beyond the dynamism and synergy distinguished by interconnection. Already happy to know you are reading these lines, thank you for your participation was it in thought or action.

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